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Because we strive to improve our services, we have enabled you to walk through our facility even before you come for the first time. You can move these images to the left and right, up and down, and to the 360 degrees, to look at the facility and its surroundings.

Entrance to the building

From here, you can go through the entrance area of the Novamed building to the other side of the building. There you can take a look at the back yard and parking. Stop in the entrance area of the building, and see where the elevator, the first floor stairs, and the entrance to our basement are.

Clinic on the ground floor

Take a look at the waiting room, the reception desk, the nurses room, and the offices.

First floor

You are in the waiting room of our IVF premises. To the right is a bathroom, andrology, an IVF laboratory and the Operating Theater. From the waiting room, as well as from the Operating Theater, a patients room can be accessed.