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Posted by: zelimbitimama

Dear Dr Dmitrović,

In April 2016 I had tubal pregnancy at week 6, and have undergone laparoscopy with the pregnancy and the affected tube removed. During the same procedure I had the adhesions in the right tube removed. A swab has been done in July and it has shown ureaplasma infection that both husband and I have treated. After antibiotics treatment we have conducted the second swab and the results were negative. Pap smear was also good. In November I had the HyFoSy ultrasound done which has shown no blockage of the right tube. Also, I have had the DC 4 hormone testing done (TSH=4,520 mIU/L, LH=4,5 IU/L, FSH=9,1 IU/L, Estradiol=109 pmol/L, Prolactin=411 mIU/L, AMH=9,0 pmol/L). Since trying to conceive after that was unsuccessful, I suspect I am not ovulating. Is there a way to check my suspicions? I am about to turn 30 and my husband and I would really like to have a baby. I don’t know who else to turn to anymore and what to do about my condition. Can you please advise on the next steps? Best regards

Answer by: Romana Dmitrović, MD, Ph.D.

Dear zelimbitimama,

Although you have not given me all the details relevant for a proper opinion, I believe you ovulate since you have been pregnant before. You have a relatively low AMH and a relatively high FSH for a woman of your age. In addition, your TSH is too high for pregnancy, and you lack a tube. These are the reasons why you shouldn’t wait any more, and should visit an infertility specialist soon. You are young and I do not see a need for substantial medical intervention, but you do need a doctor who knows what he/she is doing.

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