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For couples trying to get pregnant for more than a year, who are interested in complete infertility check up, we are offering a large discount package:

The “complete infertility check up” package costs HRK 3160 (regular price is HRK 4000 kn), and includes:

  • Gynecological exam with pap smear, 3D ultrasound
  • Cervical smears
  • Sperm sample analysis and ejaculate bacteriological tests
  • Female hormone test results on days 2-5 of the cycle (FSH, LH, E2, PRL, TSH, AMH)
  • Consultations with the infertility specialist

If this check up reveals that a couple are candidates for insemination or IVF, we also offer discount for additional tests necessary:

– for insemination a tubal patency test (sono HSG)

– both for insemination and for IVF, because of legal requirements, it will be necessary to provide tests for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis C and B for both, and the blood type and RH factor for woman

If you are interested in complete infertility check up please call. You will need to come to our institution several times – the first time will consist of gynecological examination, pap smear, 3D ultrasound and cervical smears, and sometimes the male tests will be done on the same day. The blood draw for hormone assays will be done at the time of your menstrual period. Once all the results arrive, you will come for a final consultations with the infertility doctor, who will advise you on further procedures.

The package must be paid in advance, at first arrival. No refunds can be made.