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Posted by: eleonora

Dear doctor,

My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant and after failing for three months we have decided to do a sperm analysis, considering my partner is 48. The result was oligozoospermia, 3 mil/ml, overall sperm count 15 millions. Almost all sperm are motile, i.e. 80% of them with 70% progressive motility. What I’d like to know is if there is a chance for spontaneous pregnancy with the help of some vitamins or drugs that could help increase my partner’s sperm levels, or do we need to go for in vitro? I am 30 and seem to be healthy. I have to point out that we have both been treated for ureaplasma which has, obviously, done some damage.

Thanks and best regards.  

Answer by: Romana Dmitrović, MD, Ph.D.

Dear eleonora

We have seen spontaneous pregnancies with such numbers, even though there are rare and there are no guarantees. Unfortunately, there are no drugs that could increase the levels of your partner’s sperm. You can only embrace a healthier lifestyle and see how that works out for you. I am sorry you have done the test after only three month of trying because if you hadn’t, the psychological pressure on both of you would have been lesser. In any case, give yourselves the usual year of trying and should you not manage to get pregnant in that time, it would be wise to start thinking about assisted reproduction.


Romana Dmitrović, MD

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