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IVF success rate

IVF success rate

From January 1, 2012 until January 1, 2015 a total of 153 patients in standard stimulation had enough five-day embryos for both fresh and frozen transfers. The youngest patient was 23 and the oldest was 44 – making an average age of 33.7.

– 69 out of 153 women have become pregnant in fresh cycle

– 52 out of remaining 84 women have become pregnant in frozen transfer, from the same fresh procedure

– 32 women did not become pregnant

In total, 121 out of 153 women achieved pregnancy. This makes cumulative success rate per one stimulated cycle 79%, and is valid for all women who had 2-4 blastocysts of good quality in stimulated cycle. There were women with low ovarian reserve in this group (4 pmol/L was the lowest AMH), so we will continue to advise our patients to at least try full ovarian stimulation.