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IVF success rate

IVF success rate

In the following text, you can find the success rates of ART procedures in the BetaPlus Center for 2019.

Total number of cycles started in 2019 was 501. Of those, there were 303 IVF/ICSI cycles, 122 FET, and 76 AIH procedures.

In these procedures, we achieved 163 pregnancies in total. Our patients were aged between 23 and 45, and during the year there were 94 babies from 86 deliveries. Since our beginning in 2012 until today, the results of our hard work are 627 babies from 556 deliveries, of which we are extremely proud.


Of 303 fresh IVF/ICSI cycles started, in 6 cycles we did not perform aspiration because the follicles did not develop, and one patient was referred to another Center because of technical problems beyond our control (there was no water in the whole New Zagreb).

In 51 cycles there was no embryo transfer. In 6 cases aspiration was negative, in 31 procedures the oocytes were collected but the fertilization did not occur or was irregular. This mainly happens because of the poor oocyte reserve, or the poor oocyte quality.

In the remaining 259 patients with fertilized oocytes, embryo transfer was not performed in 14 patients (in 10 patients “freeze all” was performed because of the prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, and in 4 embryo development was arrested).

Embryo transfers were performed in 244 fresh cycles. Of those in 43 cycles, embryos transferred were in the blastocyst stage. With blastocyst, our success rate was high at 60.5% (26/43), but unfortunately, we rarely decide to leave embryos in culture until day 5 without transfer, since their development may stop in laboratory conditions.

Single embryo transfer was performed in 108 fresh cycles (there were 40 positive pregnancy tests, 37%), two embryos in 118 cycles (47 positive tests = 39.8%), and three embryos in 19 cycles (4 positive tests = 21%). The number of embryos transferred is discussed with patients and it depends on many factors.

The total success rate by ET cycle is 37.14 % (92/244).

Of 303 cycles started for IVF/ICSI procedure, in 198 cycles standard ovarian stimulation protocol was used (“full stimulation”). Out of 198 cycles, ET was performed in 172 cycles, pregnancy was achieved in 70 cycles (40%). There were 86 cycles with mild ovarian stimulation, and ET was performed in 65 patients. There were 20 pregnancies in cycles with mild stimulation.

During the year we had one patient hospitalized after aspiration because of abdominal bleeding.

Frozen embryo transfer (FET)

In 2019 there were 122 FET procedures in total, of those 116 cryo embryo transfers of blastocysts and six day-3 embryo transfers (although we rarely cryopreserve embryos in this early stage, we do it usually due to medical reasons). The success rate after blastocyst transfer was 50.1% and in day 3 embryos (16.6%). In 80 cryo embryo transfers one embryo was transferred, two embryos in 41 procedures, while in one patient 3 embryos were transferred. There were 61 pregnancies achieved which gives a success rate of 50%.

105 cryo embryo transfers were performed in stimulated cycles (mostly with estrogens and gestagens), and 17 were performed in a natural cycle.

Insemination (AIH)

In 2019 there were 76 insemination cycles started. Insemination was performed in 75 cycles, while one was terminated because of the high number of follicles. Ten pregnancies were achieved, which gives a success rate of 13%. Age of the women that achieved pregnancy after insemination was 24 to 38.

Throughout the years, we succeeded in educating patients about the risks of twin pregnancy, so that our patients usually agree with us on the number of embryos transferred. Hence, last year we had the lowest number of twin pregnancies, in fresh cycles 5.4% (5/92), and in FET procedures 3.3% (2/61). The insemination procedure gave no twin pregnancies.

We are very grateful for choosing the BetaPlus Center as your clinic for medically assisted reproduction, and we hope that in the future we will continue to justify your trust.

BetaPlus Center Team