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IVF success rate

IVF success rate

The following table shows the overall ART success rates in BetaPlus Center in 2013.

In AIH, the average age of women achieving pregnancy was 34.1 and of women who did not 33.6. There were no twin pregnancies in this group.

Same as last year, in the table below we show an overview of predictors of ART success rates.

As table clearly shows, chances of success are greater in younger patients, with fewer previous attempts, with more eggs retrieved, in patients having embryos for cryopreservation and in patients who had 5 day transfer.

49 patients had embryo transfer of two blastocysts, which resulted in 25 (47%) pregnancies and 5 multiple pregnancies (10.2%). Two multiples were triplets, when a blastocyst split in the early stage of development. 19 patients had selective transfer of a single blastocyst (in patients in which we had at least two), resulting in 9 pregnancies (47.4%). This helped significantly reduce the number of multiple pregnancies in our Center, which was 25% the previous year.

17 patients had transfers of blastocyst and morula, resulting in 7 pregnancies (41.1%). One was triplet pregnancy. In FET procedure there were 4 twin pregnancies. Out of 188 embryo transfers in total with at least two embryos transferred a total of 10 twin pregnancies occurred (5%).

Three patients had ectopic pregnancy. No patients were hospitalized for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, but embryo transfer was postponed in 5 patients because of such possibility.