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Two to five days before giving the sperm sample for analysis please refrain from sexual intercourse. The staff will give you a sterile container in which you will collect the sample. Wash your hands and genitals well, and open the dish carefully. Touch the lid only from the outside and put it aside, with the outside part downwards. After collecting the sample close the dish carefully and leave it where told, where the staff will collect it.

Exceptionally, if agreed with the embryologists, a sample can be brought from home (in that case ask for a container or get one for urine sample in the pharmacy). Follow the above instructions as well, and keep the dish warm during the transportation – best kept pressed against the body. Time elapsed from the sample collection and lab processing must not exceed one hour. When giving the sample you need to sign a form confirming the identity of the semen donor.

Sometimes a semen sample can not be provided (illness, absence or alike) during the procedure of assisted fertilization so the sample can be frozen in advance and then used during the procedure.

Body temperature of above 38ºC (100ºF), one to two months prior to semen collection may deteriorate the semen quality. Other factors that may diminish the semen quality are hot baths and saunas so avoid them 2-3 months prior to the procedures. Refrain from the intercourse for 2-5 days but not more than 7 days prior to sample retrieval.

For sperm analysis, you need to make an appointment. Test results will be sent to you by e-mail on the same day. The signed original test results can be mailed to you, or you can pick it up at the premises.