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Human reproduction lab

Human reproduction lab

Dr.Sc. Sanja Vujisić graduated from University of Zagreb Faculty of Science’s Department of Biology studying at the Experimental Biology Program. The same year she graduated, she has enrolled in postgraduate studies of Cell Biology at the Biology Department of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Science attaining her MSc. In 1991. She went on to achieve her doctoral degree in biology by defending her doctoral dissertation titled Evaluation of Endometrial Reception in Spontaneous and Stimulated Ovarian Cycles in 1998, at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Science. At the time she was working at “Sveti Duh General Hospital’s” Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Between 1993 and 2011 she was working at Human Reproduction Laboratory of Zagreb’s “Sveti Duh” General Hospital, as an embryologist.

Dr. Sc. Sanja Vujisić completed several courses and workshops on assisted fertilization such as In vitro fertilization at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, IVF Laboratory Technique at Cornell Medical Center, NY, USA, Gynecological Endocrinology and Human Reproduction at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, ESHRE Cryobiology Course in Athens, Greece, TAIEX workshops on Cryobank Organization in Zagreb and Managing Quality Workshop organized by the Ministry of Health and Social Care in Zagreb. Additionally, she visited several IVF laboratories – the Saint Rafael University Hospital’s IVF Laboratory, Milan, Italy; Maribor University Hospital IVF Laboratory in Slovenia; Vrije Hospital Laboratory for Human Reproduction, Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium; SISMER Laboratory for Human Reproduction in Bologna, Italy and at the Laboratory for Human Reproduction in IVI Valencia, Spain.

At the University of Zagreb School of Medicine she holds a title of a Senior Scientific Associate in the areas of bio-medicine and healthcare of clinical medicine field. She is the author of numerous scientific articles and has participated in many conferences and expert level meetings, both in Croatia and abroad. She is a researcher in the field of reproductive biology. She has been invited to review articles published in several magazines on human reproduction around the world. Furthermore, she is a lecturer and a mentor.

Since 2008, she is an ESHRE licensed senior embryologist, and was serving at the ESHRE Advisory Committee between 2009 and 2011. Dr.Sc. Vujisić is a member of Croatian Biological Society and vice-president of Croatian Society of Clinical Embryologists.