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For women who want or are advised to do a complete ultrasound examination (evaluation of anatomy, morphology and function of reproductive organs), we offer a service called the “one-stop shop” ultrasound.

This is an ultrasound examination with a vaginal probe when two-dimensional, three-dimensional, four-dimensional, and Color Doppler ultrasound (2D UZV, 3D UZV, 4D UZV, CD UZV) are performed in the same examination, to visualize uterus, ovaries and tubes, and its possible abnormalities. This is followed by SIS – saline infusion sonography, to check uterine cavity, and by contrast sonohisterosalpingography (HSG or HyCoSy), to check Fallopian tubes patency.

The examination is performed in the follicular phase of the cycle, usually between 5th and 11th day of the cycle, and lasts for up to half an hour. The price is 1500 kuna. Before the exam, please provide findings of pap smear and cervical smears, not older than 1 year.

This detailed review provides information on:

  • Morphology of the uterine wall (fibroids, adenomyosis, anomalies)
  • Appearance of the uterine cavity (polyps, synechiae – Asherman’s syndrome)
  • Patency of the Fallopian tubes
  • Ovarian reserve (AFC – antral follicle count, or number of antral follicles)
  • Ovarian morphology (teratomas, endometriomas, cysts, PCOM – polycystic ovarian morphology)

The purpose of this examination is to provide detailed diagnosis and insight into the state of reproductive organs of woman, which may contribute to a faster start of infertility treatment, or to a decision on possible surgery.