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Posted by: Mrvica

I am 39 years old. I had a miscarriage twice. The first one, following my first IVF procedure, was molar pregnancy ended by medical abortion at 8 weeks. The second pregnancy was following my second IVF procedure, and was missed. The curettage procedure was performed at 10 weeks of pregnancy.

The tests I have done so far are protein S and factor V Leiden, which have shown mild tendency towards blood clotting. The use of heparin was allegedly precluded because of hematoma forming in my uterus while the heart beat was still present.

Can you tell me why the hematoma was forming in spite the bed rest, as well as if the hematoma caused embryo demise? Did the embryo demise have anything to do with bad embryo quality or chromosomopathy? I still have two embryos frozen, but have been told that the best embryos have been transferred in the fresh cycle. Should I abandon those? What other tests would you recommend apart from chromosomal analysis which we are already scheduled for?

Answer: Romana Dmitrovic, M.D., Ph.D.

I am sorry for the two miscarriages you have had. These still do not count as habitual miscarriages, but considering your age I believe everything should be done to avoid another one. Therefore, you may ask your physician to additionally order cervical smears, uterobrush, tests for diabetes, laboratory tests for your general well-being, tests for antiphospholipid syndrome, or infections. Unfortunately, even after doing all those tests no one can guarantee that everything is all right, because we still do not know all the reasons for miscarriages.

At BetaPlus Center we do not cryopreserve low quality embryos, and I believe that the same is true for other facilities, as well. However, according to Croatian law, you can not abandon existing embryos but have to use them before your next attempt. Make sure you do not waste any time, and good luck.

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