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You are browsing the new webpage of BetaPlus Center for Reproductive Medicine. It is a result of months of diligent work done by doctors Dmitrović, Bračun and Vujisić who have done the part on medical information; Igor and Tihana who were in charge of translations and managing some texts; and of Jakov, Jan and Sanja who designed the project and brought it alive, both visually and technically. Thank you all! We also wish to thank all those who have provided valuable advice in the process, but we may have forgotten them this time around. Our special thanks go to our patients who have sent photos of their babies, which makes our web page truly beautiful. Surely, a mistake or two may be found due to the size of this project. If you notice mistakes, please let us know..

We hope you like the new web page and that you will enjoy finding useful information. A great novelty, which had not been here before, is the Gallery of our babies. We hope you will contribute with new pictures in the future. Other new features are the merge of this web page and (a web page with special interest in infertility), photos of our team’s hard-working members (so you can finally match the name with the face), a possibility to ask a doctor, read our MD’s staff blog, as well as our patients’ corner where you share your stories.

Our agile Laboratory for Human Reproduction made plenty of videos which you may find interesting. Also, in our Other resources section you will find important and intriguing news from the world of reproductive medicine found in relevant publications. One of the important new articles is the one on frequently asked questions of patients who come for ART consultations for the first time.

We are going public on Oct 11, 2017. It is a new web page and you may be among the first to browse it. Thank you for all your support so far. Please share the word on your web pages and social media, so we can quickly reach the number of visitors we had before.