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Posted by: Mrvica

I am 39. How long should I wait before my next attempt after two pregnancies from IVF procedures,  which ended as miscarriages? I have embryos frozen. Some physicians I have talked to advised 6 months, and some advised waiting even longer, until I feel ready. What can be the reasons to hurry up? Could it be my age, hormones, or something else?

Answer by: Martina Bračun, M.D.

Since you already had curettage (we found this information in your last question), new data suggests you should wait around six months until going for a new pregnancy. The quality of cryopreserved embryos and their risk for chromosomal diseases do not change over time, so there is no need to hurry. However, my advice is not to delay pregnancy too much because of your age. With age, risk of complications during pregnancy (such as high blood pressure, diabetes in pregnancy, preterm labor..) increases unrelated to embryo quality, and cesarean sections are more likely to be necessary.

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